We support 62 CAD file formats

3Dprintler Free CAD File Converter

This library supports these formats:

  • 3D Unreal;
  • 3DS AutoCAD and 3D Studio Max binary mesh files;
  • AC3D;
  • ASC ASC 3D points cloud files;
  • ASE AutoCAD ASCII export files;
  • B3D BlitzBasic 3D;
  • BLEND Blender 3D;
  • BVH Biovision;
  • BYU Movie.BYU surface geometry files;
  • COB,SCN TrueSpace;
  • CSM CharacterStudio Motion;
  • DAE Collada;
  • DXF AutoCAD DXF files;
  • FBX Autodesk;
  • glTF GLB;
  • GMOD Golgotha GMOD files;
  • HMP 3D GameStudio (3DGS) Terrain;
  • HRC SoftImage hierarchical files;
  • IFC Industry Foundation Classes;
  • IV SGI Inventor files;
  • LWO LightWave;
  • LWS LightWave Scene;
  • LXO Modo;
  • MD2 Quake II;
  • MD3 Quake III Mesh;
  • MD5 Doom 3;
  • MDC Return to Castle Wolfenstein;
  • MDL Quake I;
  • MS3D Milkshape 3D;
  • NDO Izware Nendo;
  • NFF Sense8 WorldToolKit;
  • OBJ WaveFront Advanced Visualizer ASCII files; a file format from Alias;
  • OGEX Open Game Engine Exchange;
  • PK3 Quake III Map/BSP;
  • PLY Stanford Polygon Library;
  • POV Persistence of Vision files (output only);
  • Q3D Quick3D;
  • Q3D PovRAY Raw;
  • SMD, VTA Valve Model;
  • SMF Michael Garland's format for his QSLIM program;
  • STL/STLA ASCII Stereolithography files;
  • STLB binary Stereolithography files;
  • SWM Syndicate Wars game maps and structures file format (input only);
  • SWV Syndicate Wars game vehicles primveh file format (input only);
  • TEC TECPLOT files (output only);
  • TER Terragen Terrain;
  • TRI/TRIA a simple ASCII triangle format requested by Greg Hood;
  • TRIB a simple binary triangle format requested by Greg Hood;
  • TXT a text dump (output only);
  • UCD Advanced Visual Systems (AVS) Unstructured Cell Data (output only);
  • VLA Evans and Sutherland Digistar II VLA files for planetariums;
  • WRL WRL/VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) files (output only).
  • X DirectX X
  • XGL the XGL format, based on the XML language and OpenGl graphics (output only).
  • XML Ogre XML