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3Dprintler began in 2012 as a service provider for 3D printing - a mini-factory - until we saw an opportunity: a search engine could help people discover high quality, on-demand 3D printing services they never even knew existed.

For 10 years 3D printing has promised to change the world by putting a 3D printer in your home, but what if you let someone did the 3D printing for you? Our professional partner services like Shapeways, Sculpteo, i.materialise, and makexyz ship completed prints to your door with none of the hassle of buying and setting up your own printer.

Prints are available in over 270+ materials & finishes including:

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Ceramics
  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Nylon
  • Wood and much, much more...

In no time you can browse & compare a growing list of hundreds of material options and finishes, way more than anything your 3D printer at home or work can offer.

If you use Kayak or Expedia to compare & shop airline ticket prices, you can now do the same for 3D printing services with our exclusive selection of professional service providers who offer the highest quality prints, the fastest turnaround times, and the exceptional customer service you expect.

We’re making it faster and easier for first-timers and experts alike to 3D print. 3Dprintler: 3D printing for everyone.

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  • 3D-Printing Chat Bots for Messaging Apps are Here! - April 21st, 2016
    3Dprintler has launched its own 3D-printing chat bots for messaging apps including: Facebook Messenger; Slack; Telegram; Skype; Kik; and SMS.
  • 3Dprintler Launches $100K Pre-Seed Investment Fund for IoT Startups - April 7th, 2016
    3Dprintler team is looking for a new blood and talent. We will invest $5K to $25K per company to help you validate the idea and develop a minimal viable product (MVP) and join the 3Dprintler eco-system.
  • 3Dprintler expands into France - March 9, 2016
    3Dprintler has been focusing on France as our next target, and to kick off our latest venture we attended the Educatec-Educatice education technology tradeshow in Paris, France. We met with the Minister of Education in France, teachers, and students to understand their 3D printing needs. We also visited Nice, France to understand 3D printing in the south of France."
  • Investment: Angel Investor - Feb 15, 2016
    3Dprintler moves towards integrating more 3D printing service providers to help improve customers search results. The added growth and investment is a step towards ubiquitous 3D printing that is so easy grandma can have objects 3D printed and shipped to her door, and a platform so that people can become entrepreneurs.
  • Las Vegas Tradeshow: CES 2016 - Jan 6-9, 2016
    3Dprintler proudly launched our 3Dprintler search engine at CES 2016. Users can search, discover, and compare 3D printing services to find the best prices on their prints, then have them shipped to their door.
  • Partnership: GrabCAD Challenge - October, 2015
    3Dponics partners with GrabCAD for an innovation challenge, where participants are asked to expand on the 3Dponics system. They could add, extend, or completely reinvent 3Dponics through 3D modeling and design. Congratulations to user adriano.ordoz.barissa-1 with their based distribution and humidification. design.
  • Award: 3Dponics Wins Innovation Award at IDTechX - May 2015
    3Dponics attended 3D Printing Europe 2015 in Berlin, and enjoyed the great distinction of "The Most Successful Application of 3D Printing" award.
  • 3Dprintler Rebrands! - April 2015
    3Dprintler worked as a microfactory for nearly three years before it began development on a new project. In early 2015 3Dprintler began working on an online platform & API for 3D printing service to help customers search, browse, and discover the best prices on 3D printing.
  • Launches! - March 3, 2015 was launched by 3Dprintler as 3D model editor and visualization software on nearly any platform from Windows, to iOS, Android, & OS X.
  • Las Vegas Tradeshow: CES 2015 - January 6-9, 2015
    3Dponics attends CES 2015 & was named the Greenest Gadget at CES 2015 by TechRepublic.
  • Udemy Courses on 3D Printing Launch! - November 2014
    3Dprintler launches the first 3D printing courses available online through Udemy, helping makers & hobbyists with 3D printers at home become entrepreneurs in a growing industry.
  • 3Dponics Launches! - August 2014
    3Dprintler begins a new project called 3Dponics, the first open-source hydroponics system for the home and garden industry. 3Dponics appealed to urban, vertical, and indoor garden enthusiasts and was fully customizable through free online 3D printable models so you could tailor your garden to your home.
  • 3Dprintler Opens Belgrade Office! - December 12, 2013
    3Dprintler brings the first Makerbot to Serbia, expanding access to this disruptive technology and beginning 3Dprintler's Eastern European service offerings.
  • 3Dprintler Founded! - August 2012
    Michael Golubev launches 3Dprintler with a Makerbot machine and begins operating as a micro-factory, offering 3D printing services to the Ottawa-Gatineau area.

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    Founder Tweed Marijuana Inc., Director, National Board of Directors Liberal Party of Canada


  • Why should 3D printing services integrate with 3Dprintler’s API?

    Often people with 3D printers at home or work don’t know the wide range of materials available from professional services like those on the 3Dprintler platform. We help people discover our partners’ services by allowing customers to search, browse, and shop the growing list of 3D printing options available as the technology advances.

  • How do I know I’m going to get the best price on

    3Dprintler extensively vets its partner service providers and ensures that prices are not marked-up for customers. You get the regular price you would on our partners’ websites. Sometimes there is a difference in price between 3Dprintler and our partners, resulting from manual adjustment made by the service provider to ensure your product is printed correctly.

  • When can I expect my products?

    Most prints will take about 1-2 business days to print + shipping. Shipping times depend on how far you are from the service provider you choose.

  • I’m a designer, is there an easy way for my customers to directly buy the completed print of my 3D models?

    We can proudly help you with our 3Dprintler button. Designers can integrate with the 3Dprintler API, allowing them to implement a button on their website that will automatically offer to your customers price quotes from 3D printing service providers in your area.